Emergency AC Repair Company In Louisville

Emergency AC Repair Service Contractor

If you need emergency ac repair, then you are in the right place. We specialize in this service in the Louisville area.

For immediate service call: (502) 365-5299

Louisville HVAC Company

We are insured, licensed and local to Louisville Kentucky. Our technicians are highly trained and certified. We guarantee only the highest quality of service.

We have very affordable prices and are totally dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We want our air conditioning repair clients to be loyal customers and never have a reason to look any where else.

Louisville AC Repair includes:

  •  Free Estimates
  •  24 Hours A-Day 7 Days A Week Emergency AC Repair Service
  •  Air conditioning Tune-Ups & Maintenance
  •  Air Conditioning Check-Up
  •  Air Conditioning Replacement
  •  Authorized Service Technicians-So Warranties Are Protected
  •  Service Calls In 2 Hours or Its Free

Finding the right contractor to work on your ac unit is a big decision. You need to be sure that the company is qualified and experienced so that they can do the job right the first time.

Another point to think about is making sure only an authorized service technician works on your ac system, most warranties are void if they are not certified technicians.

Emergency Ac Repair

 Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Checklist:

1. Get additional estimates if you feel that you are not completely comfortable with a proposed project.

2. Make your choice based on value versus cost. Saving a few hundred dollars to inadequately treat the problem will cost you more.

3. Is the ac company licensed and registered?

4. Does the contractor have enough insurance to do business and to protect your interests.

5. Do you have a detailed proposal and list of the parts and labor?

6. Do you have a warranty and what does it cover?

7. Make sure that the Louisville Emergency Air Conditioning Repair contractor will obtain all the necessary permits.

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